Moonybaby Split Screen Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and Audio, Model: Split 30

Moonybaby 4.3" Split Screen Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras, Model: Split 30, No WiFi, Extended 12hrs Battery Life, Wide View, Large Screen, Long Range, Night Vision, Temperature Monitoring, 2 Way Talk Back
Split Screen Allow you to see two rooms or both children side by side
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Moonybaby Split 30 Baby Monitor

Provide Parents Peace of Mind
Our product accompanies your baby from newborn to toddler.
With this baby monitor, you can use up to 2 cameras to see your little ones playing
or having sweet dreams in the house clearly.
The high quality device has various excellent features,
enabling modern parents to take care of children with no sweat.
Extra Long battery life, high battery capacity helps you get EXTRA 6 hours displaying than others monitor.
Wide-angle lens, 2X digital zoom, automatic night vision for viewing every corner clearly.
Split screen, scan mode for seeing both places directly.
VOX / power saving mode, turned on automatically whenever it detects sounds.
Extended coverage provides un-delayed image and sound up to 1,000ft in open area.
2-Way talk back, 5 built-in lullabies and temperature alert.
4.3” Large display unit with easy-to-use interface.

Extra Long Battery life, rechargeable battery provide 14 hours in display mode,
18 hours in Power Saving / VOX mode, so you can check in any time with ease.

"Screen Split Mode" allows you to view 2 monitors simultaneously,
and choose one camera with audio.
While in “Scan Mode” , the screen will display paired camera
one by one (auto-switching every 10 seconds)

Best for growing babies or toddlers with
the built in Wide- Angle lens camera, even get the view of entire room.

The camera wall mount is included in the pack,
and the camera will automatically connect to the display.
No Wi-Fi requirement, no app installation, no security concern.

The 4.3” Large screen is accompanied with a high-resolution display,
wide- angle lens camera, and 2X digital zoom functions.
It allows you to clearly see if your baby is doing well.

Automatically switch to day or night mode,
you could see bright image
and always keep the connection with your baby even in the night.

By using the Power Saving (Voice Activated) Mode,
the monitor will turn on whenever the cameras detect crying sounds.
You can also change how sensitive the monitor is to the sounds.
Never miss a thing even when you’re sleeping.

The monitor delivers clear video and audio within a 1000ft range in open area.
You can place up to 2 cameras in different rooms,
making it easy to track your little ones while they’re playing around.

This specification allows you to hear your baby and know if they are doing well,
and also to comfort him/her when you are busy doing chores in another room.

The monitor has 5 built-in lullabies.
Play the peaceful sounds of the forest,
or some familiar nursery songs to entertain your baby.

The camera detects baby room temperature.
You can set a range of temperature,
and the temperature icon on the screen will start flickering
if the room temperature is higher/lower than your setting.
1 Monitor(Parent) Unit 
2 Camera(Baby) Unit
3 Adpators
Quick start guide
Wall mount screw pack
1. Add-on Camera (**The monitor can maximum link to 4 cameras and display all cameras in quad screen)
2. Travel Bag
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