LEREVE 5" HD Low EMF and No WiFi Baby Monitor with 2 PTZ Cameras. Model: LeMove 60

LEREVE 5" HD Low EMF and No WiFi Baby Monitor with 2 PTZ Cameras. Model: LeMove 60, Auto Noise Reduce, Lullaby, 2-Way Audio, ECO with Auto Voice Activation
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Remote Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera

Simply remote control the camera to pan, tile and zoom
from the parent handheld monitor, always have best view of your baby.
Pan-Tilt-Zoom allow you to see the entire room easily.

Quad View 720p HD Split Screen

Quad View Mode allows you to view up to 4 cameras simultaneously,
and choose one camera with audio
(audio can automatically switch between all cameras in 10 seconds interval).


Your Safety is Our First Priority

LeReve LeMove 50 can significantly reduce the EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields)
and Radio Fields when the monitor is in power saving / ECO mode
and keep them under the safe value.


LeReve Means LeGREEN

The high capacity battery can last 20 days with a charge in power saving / ECO mode.
The power efficiency is enhanced by nearly 50 times
to protect our environment and reduce the consumption of Lithium Mines.


1 Monitor(Parent) Unit 
2 Camera(Baby) Unit
2 Adpators
Quick start guide
Wall mount screw pack


1. Add-on Camera (**The monitor can maximum link to 4 cameras and display all cameras in quad screen)
2. Travel Bag
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